personal shopper خدمة service

(Welcome, dear customers, to the Personal shopper service)

We are a team and we work for you, to make you live a special and unique experience with the personal shopper service,,

How does the Personal Shopper service work?

You can. Request this service by contacting us via WhatsApp, and one of our employees will serve you and help you shop through our online store only.

Who can benefit from this service?

All Wareed customers can use this special service

What benefit will you get when you use this service?

1- Save your time and effort

2- Suggest suitable products for you

3-Answer your questions about products

4- Inform you about the best offers

And last but not least, the Wareed team is here, ready to help you get the best shopping experience through our outstanding store and with the presence of the specialist Dr. Saba will help you choose the right one for your skin

Try the personal shopper service once and you will order it every time

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