hydration set

57.50 SAR السعر شامل الضريبه

Fight dry, rough, chapped hands and feet with this amazing set of silicone moisturizing socks and gloves.

We offer you the safe and effective solution of Moisturizing Gel Socks and Gloves for Feet and Hands Cracked Hand and Foot Treatment from Spa System that will make your feet and hands smooth and free of cracks with repeated use.

*These socks and gloves help you treat cracked feet and hands and moisturize the dry, rough skin of the feet and hands.

*Made of high quality cotton and covered from the inside with a gel layer to stimulate the skin to absorb the lotion with a thermoplastic lining layer.

*Can be washed and reused again with ease.

It has a superior ability to absorb any cream or lotion you use to care for the feet and moisturize them.

*Restores your feet and hands natural moisture and softness and keeps them beautiful.

*These socks and gloves act as a relaxing spa treatment for your feet and hands at home.

* Olive oil, vitamin E and jojoba oil work inside socks and gloves as moisturizers that restore the skin's softness and hydration.

*You can use it several times a week and you don't need to go to spa salons and pay exorbitant amounts.

*The outer fabric is very comfortable and flexible, making it easy for you to move while wearing it.

Color: one color

Size: One Size

  • 57.50 SAR
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