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Gel socks to moisturize and soften the feet from Spa

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Moisturizing foot gel socks

Product Description:

We offer you the safe and effective solution to Spa System Cracked Feet Moisturizing Gel Socks that will leave your feet smooth and crack free with frequent use.

Moisturizing gel socks for feet

*These socks help you treat cracked feet and moisturize the dry and rough skin of the feet.

Product advantages:

*Made of high quality cotton and covered from the inside with a gel layer to stimulate the skin to absorb the lotion with a thermoplastic lining layer.

*Can be washed and reused again with ease.

It has a superior ability to absorb any cream or lotion you use to care for the feet and moisturize them.

*Restores your feet moisture and natural softness and keeps your feet beautiful.

*These socks serve as a relaxing spa treatment for your feet at home.

* Olive oil, vitamin E and jojoba oil work inside the socks as moisturizers that restore the skin's softness and hydration.

*You can use it several times a week and you don't need to go to spa salons and pay exorbitant amounts.

*The outer fabric of the socks is very comfortable and flexible, making it easy for you to move while wearing it.

Composition and chemical properties

*The socks consist of a very soft and comfortable outer cotton layer in addition to a gel lining with thermoplastic inside.

*Contains olive oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E and plant essential oils.

How to use

The method of use is easy and simple, you can easily apply it as follows:

First, the feet should be soaked in warm water to moisturize the skin before wearing socks.

Use your moisturizing lotion or cream over the dry area until absorbed into the skin.

*Wear the gel socks for 30:60 minutes, and you can use them 2-5 times a week.

Instructions for use

*Keep away from direct sunlight.

*Wash below 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

*Stay away from peeling gel inside socks.

*Wash with water below 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Compatible skin types

* Suitable for all skin types.

the manufacture company

* Spa System.


One size


one color "purple"

  • 46 SAR 29.90 SAR
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