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Bioderma Atoderm Creme - 200ml Bioderma

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Atoderm Cream from Bioderma:

A rich moisturizing daily cream for dry and sensitive skin, containing rich active ingredients that help regenerate the skin.

Atoderm cream helps to strengthen the protective layer of the skin and enhance its resistance to irritating factors.

Product advantages:

Rich in moisturizing elements that prevent dehydration, as it keeps water in the upper layers of the skin and prevents it from evaporating, so the skin remains hydrated for a long time with more resistance, softness and renewed suppleness.

How to use :

Apply once or twice a day, after cleansing, preferably with the rich shower gel from Atoderm, then gently dry.

For optimal moisturizing results from Atoderm cream, it is recommended to use it on lightly wet skin after showering

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  • 103.49 SAR 63.25 SAR
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مرحبا، لأفضل نتيجة يستخدم كريم أتوديرم للجسم بعد الاستحمام على بشرة شبة رطبة. بخصوص إذا كان آمن على الحامل يجب استشارة طبيبك المعالج قبل الاستخدام.

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