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Air Queen White Nano Fiber Masks - 100 Masks | Air Queen Mask white - 100 masks Airqueen

Until supplies run out

1,500 SAR 540 SAR

100 aircoin masks

Air Queen mask with nanotechnology:

  • Lighter than the regular Air Queen mask
  • Breathe more comfortable.
  • Complies with the requirements of international bodies for masks, and the American FDA.
  • It contains high filters
  • Best in breathability, even during exercise as it doesn't store carbon dioxide.
  • Can be used repeatedly, according to KAIST Center studies.
  • Easy to clean, using only alcohol spray.
  • The lightest, lightest A4 paper.
  • It does not cause a rash.
  • Patented.
  • She holds many certificates from accredited international bodies.
  • Registered with the US Food and Drug Administration. (FDA)

  • 1,500 SAR 540 SAR
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